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Gary Kramer

Mastering Services

Why Master your music? What is the purpose of mastering? Mastering is the final process a track goes through before it gets to the consumer. When a track is mastered it goes through the process of being equalized, compressed, and limited. I’ve always felt it helps to view a unmastered track as a shaped surfboard that hasn’t had its thin epoxy coat applied yet. It’s been sized, shaped, and colored exactly the way the shaper intended for the way it should be used, but it’s still not water ready because it hasn’t been properly sealed from any water, it would never hold up next to weight of the surfer, and on an esthetic perspective, it wouldn’t even come close to resembling a board ready for sale at a surf shop.

On the other hand, a mastered track is the opposite. When a track is mastered it is effectively glued together while at the same time space is created for all the instruments to breathe apart from each other having clarity and definition. It’s also the time when the overall volume of the track in increased to sit in the areas where it can reasonably compete with other commercial music. To sum it up, a mastered track will differ from an unmastered track by its clarity over all frequencies, its cohesiveness, and its overall volume, and in turn sound like a track you’d hear on any of the recordings of your favorite artists. It’s because of the importance of this process that I wanted to provide a quality, low cost option for independent artists to get their work mastered without both the expense of a large mastering studio, and amount of time you often have to wait to get your work on their desks.

The mastering service includes not only the mastering of individual tracks but also album sequencing for no additional cost. What you will not receive is an over compressed track that’s needlessly loud and lacking in dynamics. The purpose in having me master your track is to polish and refine the track and not to take away life and blood of the track which lies in its dynamics. What you will receive is your mastered track/album in all high quality .wav files equal in peak volume, in addition to the seamless track transitions that you will have requested if you asked for sequencing. I can guarantee you that you will have a high quality, competitive master that will perfectly compliment the hard work and passion you put in to the front end of the project.


$150 USD per track up to five tracks
$125 USD per track for projects consisting of more than five tracks
*please feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding booking and availability