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Gary Kramer

Mixing Services

The music industry is in an ever evolving state. The growing digital domain has made making great professional records possible not just for major label artists with substantial budgets, but also for independent artists and local musicians who are writing and recording great songs in spaces far removed from large recording studios with large recording desks. This has created an amazing opportunity for talented musicians to follow their inspiration through the writing, pre-production, and recording processes using everything from garage band to Pro Tools and Logic; but this is where the road stops for most musicians. This is when having an experienced engineer becomes crucial for taking a record from demo to professional recording.

I’ve been a producer and recording engineer for the last 9 years and have literally spent over 4000 hours recording, engineering, and mixing music and enjoying every single second of the time I’ve spent learning how to do it. I’ve spent this time honing the skills I have through the digital or “In The Box” avenue of the recording process. Great mixing engineers like Robert Orton (Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, Lana Del Ray) and Serban Ghenea (Katy Perry, Beyonce, One Republic, Thirty Seconds To Mars) work completely ITB and every year more and more hit records end up being tracked and mixed in this very same approach.

When you get a track mixed I will begin the process by listening to your rough mixes and then follow up by having a video chat with either you, your band, and/or producer to discuss your vision and the aspects of your song/album that mean the most to you. My only objective as a mixing engineer is to simply refine the sound of your track/album and not to alter or get in the way of it. I am also more than willing to make up to 2 small adjustment mixes per track until the track meets your expectations. Once the final mix is completed, you will get a high quality .wav file in either 44.1 kHz or 48.1 kHz depending on a/v format you intend on using the song.

(Disclamer: Mixing engineers are not magicians, just engineers. We can tune a vocal or even a slightly out of tune bass guitar but we can’t fix polyphonic sources like an out of tune guitar or piano. We have the ability to do very small edits to tighten up tracks but we can’t fix a truly sloppy performance. I do not charge to listen to rough mixes, but I may refuse to mix a project if its beyond the point of being subtly tuned and tightened. My only objective is to have you completely satisfied with the mixes you’ve requested.)


$300 USD – per track with no editing
$500 USD – per track with editing (tuning, drum replacements, track editing)

My System

64 bit Avid Protools 11 System/Logic Pro X
UAD Apollo x Series Interface and Converters
64bit AAX plugins that masterfully emulate famous outboard gear such as the UA 1176, Teletronix LA2A, UA LA3A, API 550a, 550b, 560, and 2500,the SSL G Series bus comp, Pultec eqp1a and meq-5, and the famous Fairchild 660/670 compressor/limiter.
NI Battery, Abbey Road Drums, Studio Drummer and over 2000 other drum samples (For projects requiring drum replacement
KRK Rokit 6 Studio Monitors