Composer | Sound Designer | Mixing Enginner

Gary Kramer

Sound Design Services

Sound Design and Composition go hand in hand these days and because of this, I also offer sound design services along with providing original compositions for the projects I work on. Sound design is often the primary failsafe for projects with small and medium sized budgets when good quality on-set audio is limited to capturing quality dialog leaving every other on-set environmental sound out of the usable equation. Long story short, investing even a small amount into quality sound design will dramatically increase your production value and bring every scene to life.

My approach to sound design is no different from that of my compositions. My approach is detailed and meticulous, making sure that the sound design I provide never breaks from being perfectly aligned with the aesthetic and purpose of your brief. Whether or not you want organic, subtle sound design to conceptually support visuals,if you want hard hitting trailer-esque sound design, or if you need stand sound design for motion graphics, you can trust that my work will be perfectly ingrained into your edit to enhance your dialog and visuals.


*Rates vary depending on the brief of a particular proejct. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding rates, booking, and availability